Personalised travel plans for your customers, from the moment they enquire.

Canvas gives Tour Operators and Travel Agents a platform to create and distribute personalised itineraries, inspiring content and useful information for customers. Built in Progressive Web App technology, Canvas is easily accessible across all devices without the need for third-party native apps.

Canvas can be sent out immediately after a new enquiry, and can be shared between co-travellers to build excitement and improve conversion.

Give your customers an upgrade.

From enquiry to the journey and beyond

Canvas gets personalised travel plans in your customers’ hands as soon as they make an enquiry.

Works across all devices and can be shared between co-travellers to share the planning, build excitement and improve conversion.

Looks and works like an app, but is built using Progressive Web App technology, removing the need to download a native app.

Updates automatically as travel plans take shape.

Works offline for easy access while on the trip.

Perfect for Independent Travel, Group Tours, Educational Trips, Business Travel.

What is Canvas?

Why Canvas?

  • Increase conversion from enquiry to booking
  • Keep customers engaged before the journey and informed on the journey
  • No more printing PDFs or third-party apps
  • Easy to use, share and update

How it works - from enquiry to the journey

Our intuitive content platform can be pre-populated with your itineraries as well as accommodation and destination details. Group tour itineraries can be sent out at the moment of enquiry while independent travellers can receive a personalised Canvas within minutes.

  1. 1.

    Traveller makes an enquiry

  2. 2.

    Create personalised itinerary or amend based on a pre-saved template

  3. 3.

    Generate personalised microsite and send to customer

  4. 4.

    Customer views on any device, and can share with family or friends

  5. 5.

    Tweak details and finalise booking. Canvas automatically updates

  6. 6.

    Canvas can be installed on customer’s phone homescreen for easy access on travels

Flexible and affordable

Canvas is priced flexibly according to your size and needs. Starting at £125 for up to 2,000 itineraries created.

Who's behind Canvas?

Canvas has been created by Wild Dog Design, an independent digital design company in Brighton. We have been designing products and services for the specialist travel industry for more than 20 years.

We understand how to use technology, how to make things look beautiful, and what the travel industry needs. Canvas is the combination of all three.