Personalised travel plans:
Instantly accessible.

From enquiry to the journey.

Whether you create expertly-crafted bespoke tours, or take groups on well-trodden journeys, don’t wait until your customers have booked before sending them their travel plans.

Canvas gives Tour Operators and other travel companies a platform to create and distribute personalised itineraries from the moment of enquiry to help convert bookings, and keep customers involved in the planning process.

Built using Progressive Web App technology, Canvas works across all devices removing the need for third-party apps or emailing documents.

There are three parts to Wild Dog Canvas



(only required for the ‘standalone’ version)

A bespoke Laravel application created by Wild Dog Canvas used primarily to organise images and text information as a data ‘source’ to feed the Canvas holiday itinerary. Hosting for the CMS is provided by Wild Dog Canvas.


The Wild Dog Canvas itinerary ‘generator’

A bespoke Laravel application developed by Wild Dog Canvas assembles data from a ‘source’ (our dedicated CMS or the client’s own CMS/CRM via REST APIs). A discovery mission would be required to determine the API capability of the data source if different from the Wild Dog Canvas.

The Generator application aggregates the source data and deploys a personalised, fully populated Canvas product to the web server and also creates a unique public URL for the traveller to view the Canvas itinerary. Hosting for the Canvas generator is provided by Wild Dog.


The Wild Dog Canvas HTML Itinerary product

The unique client-facing HTML contains the technically specific essentials that provide internet-free browsing on a smartphone, tablet or other devices. Once the Canvas itinerary has been loaded for the first time through Wi-Fi or 3G/4G it prompts the user to add the icon to the home screen of their device (Modal on iOS and System Notification on Android).

The HTML data is cached to the user’s device for future internet-free browsing. The Canvas itinerary typically uses around 10MB storage space on the client’s device. The HTML is fully responsive. Hosting is provided by Wild Dog.


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