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Signing up to Canvas gives you access to the dashboard, allowing you to create detailed, personalised itineraries. Alternatively, Canvas can integrate with your own customer management systems, or be tailored with bespoke features.


Build your own branded itineraries from the Canvas CMS Dashboard.

Enterprise API

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Integrate via API to generate itineraries from your own CRM platform.

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Customise Canvas to your unique offering.

Flexible pricing,
immediate access

Canvas has been designed to be used at all stages of the travel booking journey, and is priced to match that flexibility. A monthly subscription gives you cost effective itineraries whether they are for casual enquirers, or booked travellers. This helps you convert customers, as well as providing a useful experience for those who have booked. 

One company sign-up can be shared across multiple users, all with access to your company dashboard. 

We offer a standalone itinerary generator, or alternatively the Canvas API integrates with all major travel CRM platforms, creating a personalised itinerary from your own data source. 

Get in touch to discuss customising Canvas to accommodate specific company requirements.

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Pricing Guide

Canvas is priced according to how many itineraries you want to send out, whether they are confirmed sales or qualified enquiries.


£150* per month

1,000 itineraries per year


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£265* per month

2,000 itineraries per year


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£370* per month

5,000 itineraries per year


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£580* per month

10,000 itineraries per year


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£750* per month

20,000 itineraries per year


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Contact us to create a bespoke plan perfect for your needs.


Enterprise API

Get in touch to discuss how to integrate with our API.

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If you would like to see a free working example of Canvas Travel with your branding and itinerary information, please get in touch.

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